An emerging landmark project on the Scouting Estate in Zeewolde

March 18, 2021

An emerging landmark project on the Scouting Estate in Zeewolde, go to project

We are proud to show the progress on the Adventure House, a unique accommodation building surrounded by nature, where children and groups can stay and spend the night. The hybrid building is constructed from a combination of laminated wood, CLT floors and steel and it is beautiful to see it emerge.

The architecture offers users a unique experience of nature. The Adventure House is designed as a collection of small lodging buildings that are covered by a floating curved roof. A space of special quality is created underneath the roof; large, open and with strong connections to nature on all sides.

In collaboration with TomDavid architecten

Drone images by MVD photography

Client: Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde b.v.

Team: Wijdland trading, Constructie Adviesbureau Geuijen, ConstructiebureauVermeij, Schipper installatie, Hekospant