de Bilt, Netherlands


10.500 m2




Woonstichting SSW

VKZ b.v.


GROUP A. Folkert van Hagen, Maarten van Bremen, Adam Visser, Lolke Ket, Paul Geurts, Roy Grob, Esther Vlasveld, Brigitte v/d Tuin, Ramon Wijsman

As the building is operated by eight different users, understanding of individual needs and wishes is essential to the design process. The architectural appearance not only has to reflect these individual needs, but should also represent their ambitions in forging a collective and powerfull identity.

Cultural Educational Centre ‘Het Lichtruim’ is a fully integrated multifunctional building. GROUP A has designed a compact, flexible and inspiring building to serve the different user groups of the CEC and their shared facilities. The template for the design is defined by clear and functional public-private zoning, clustered functions, multifunctional spaces and minimum walking distances. A modelled buildingmass containing all functions is dictated by daylight-access, orientation of spaces, access, and urban context. Within a publicly accessible building with large numbers of visitors, attention is given to pedestrian flows in and around this building. A collective main entrance for that purpose is positioned on the urban square, with two functional sub-entrances positioned on the parkside. The main entrance provides access to a, from the square clear visible, semi public innerspace along which the entrances to the various CEC users are grouped.

Group A; Het Lichtruim, De Bilt

Group A; Het Lichtruim, De Bilt; Trappen bibliotheek

Group A; Het Lichtruim, De Bilt; Trap & lift naar bibliotheek

Group A; Het Lichtruim, De Bilt; Exterieur schoolingang met leerlingen