Shortlisted WAN Award 2017

October 30, 2017

Our project made the shortlist within the WAN Small Spaces- Permanent Award 2017! We entered with the sanitary pavilions of the International Scout Centre Zeewolde. February 28th the winner will be announced during the WAN AWARDS 2017 Event. Some nice quotes by the jury.. 

“I think this is great. The process of coming inside from outside is progressive.” Jonathan Manser

“The exterior vertical wooden structure communicates very well with the surroundings.” Nils Johan Mansåker

“The overall design was a real pleasure” Adam Tither

MOST Architecture + TomDavid are the team behind the design and construction of the pavilions. The team wrote the master plan and is currently working on the permanent structures for the International Scout Centre Zeewolde.

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Overview WAN AWARD shortlist

Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde

The two sanitary pavilions are the first built permanent structures of the International Scout Centre Zeewolde. They function as the scout centre’s outposts and service those staying at the nearby camping ground.

The project briefing as part of the comprehensive masterplan demanded two sanitary pavilions on the International Scout Centre Zeewolde. The estate is located on the banks of a lake. The structures needed to be self-supporting, not dominate their surroundings, be eco-friendly and service both scouts and campers.

On the banks of the narrow border lake ‘Nuldernauw’ and situated in the broad-leaved forest ‘Horsterwold’ – the largest of its type in the Netherlands – lays the designated site of the International Scout Centre Zeewolde. It is here, in the Flevopolder, where the Dutch Scouting wishes to develop an estate for future scouting activities and events.

The estate will be developed into, what could be best be described as the ultimate scouting experience. The ambition of Scouting however, reaches beyond its own scope: It wants to create a open place that is inviting to everyone who wishes to enjoy a lush, natural environment.