Life Europe





The Hague


450 m2




Life Europe b.v.


Paul Geurts, Nina Tsonidi

2Shift, Wonderwall Studios, Interior Works, D&V interieurstudio

Photography by: Ossip van Duivenbode 

This temporary workspace design in The Globe near Holland Spoor railway station in The Hague, the Netherlands. The Globe is with 35.000 m2 currently still in use by various shops and offices.

We created space by removing all unnecessary parts and create as much air, light and sight lines as possible. Quality salvaged materials have been preserved and reused for various purposes. The open plan workspaces are set-up around vintage Jo Crepain desks, enlarged with a custom plywood worktop. Amidst of these the salvaged large sliding door, stacked on ceiling plates (presenting a travertine like solid leg), serves as a big flexible worktable. Additional privacy can be created by closing the large duo colored curtain. The atmosphere of the open plan workspace is colored by the framework of the suspended ceiling and the glue patterned concrete floor. By taking away the ceiling plates additional height is created, making concrete and air ducts visible.

The color scheme is deliberately kept simple and subtle, a soft grey is applied on all existing surfaces. The visual noise of the windowsill and radiators below is masked with a warm off-black lining. By mono coloring, a calm level of abstraction is achieved and ties the surface structures together. The wooden tabletops, textiles, greenery and curiosities stand out well.